Kennel Camp Alpha

Norwegian breeder - Border collie - Field golden retriever
Dogs with brains & beauty
Marianne Elise Methi

Velkommen til Kennel Camp Alpha! Oppdrett av border collie og jakt golden retriever.

A huge dream from my part has been having a small kennel. My breed has always been border collie, but ever since Kanutten came in to our life - the dream grew bigger.
CAMP ALPHA is our kennel name and we have had 3 litters in 8 years so we`re not big. My goal is to breed when I feel I have something to contribute to the breed.
My dogs are competitiondogs that are used in several dogsports.

Amongst the puppies from us we have several sportsdogs in obedience, agility and also one that became nr 2 in the Heelwork to music World championchip so I`m proud of my breeding.

Our goal is to breed healty puppies for working homes.

Healthy, happy dogs is our main goal!